Our Values

We live from our employees, because unity in diversity is what defines Heckert Solar. Our values are the basis for dealing with each other and increase the quality of our work. The focus is on entrepreneurship, enthusiasm, fairness, further development and structures, because our values boost us and our relationships with customers and business partners.

Our values show:

Heckert Solar is an reliable company – also for future. We offer quality, technology and Made in Germany out of conviction.

  • We act entrepreneurially

    The constant development is the central aim of Heckert Solar, because this is the only way our company can survive in a long term. Continuous and sustainable growth is important to us. We want, that customers and business partners benefits from our orientation and the transparency that goes with it.

  • We work future oriented

    At Heckert Solar, collegiality, honesty and fairness define the collaboration. We present our own view clearly and openly to others.We do not promise any services to our customers and partners that can’t be achieved. We appreciate the value of a long term relationship more than a quick business and the associated short term profits.

  • We stay humble

    We don't take anything for granted. There are always new challenges that we have to deal with. It`s important for us to find a balance between humility and self-confidence. We develop an awareness for costs, which enables us to make sustainable decisions even with the small, everyday things.

  • We are open minded and innovative

    Successful innovations ensure the success of Heckert Solar. In this way we promote our employees to discover new approaches and questioning daily routines. We share our knowledge and learn from our customers and partners. We are constantly expanding our know-how and make changes and advances. So we create values for your customers.

  • We arrange work and family

    We are a family business. So we create the balance between work and family. Flexible working hours, different working time models and health allowances are just a few examples for our good work-life balance.

  • We grow with our colleagues

    Employees of Heckert Solar constantly grow on their tasks. On this way they make own solutions and be conscientious. Our open culture increases the quality of our PV modules. We are motivated and create an above average performance, that exceed expectations and satisfy our customers.

  • We stick to structures

    As an growing company, we are guided on structures, because they create the conditions for efficient processes and increase productivity. Structures also ensecure our knowledge. We organize our work. So schedules, projects and processes can be adhered. In addition, we keep our workplace tidy, because this helps to feel good and create space for new things.


Sustainable Manufacturing of Solar Modules.

Our central claim is the sustainable production of solar modules. Heckert Solar was already certified according to ISO 14001: 2015 on the subject of environmental management in 2018. With a Heckert Solar 330 Wp module, approx. 155 kg CO2 can be saved per year.

Did you know that Heckert Solar …

  • minimizes CO2 emissions with the “Made in Germany” PV modules.
  • produced exclusively with electricity from our own PV system and additionally purchased green electricity.
  • has been certified for the sustainable production of solar modules.
  • works according to German quality, labor and environmental standards.
  • has converted the in-house PV open space into a biotope solar park.
  • covers a large part of their water consumption through rainwater.
  • is committed to the sustainable use of resources.


Better is better.

We consistently rely on the benefits of state of the art technologies and smart ideas. Every Heckert Solar module delights thanks to its extremely high degree of efficiency, while being quick and easy to install. We have developed our own hollow-chamber profile for the especially warp-resistant frame. And the high-tech aluminium alloying withstands lots and lots of summers and winters. We ensure the frame and laminate are reliably bonded together by using innovative adhesive technology. Combined with the highly transparent and toughened ESG solar glass, we guarantee a resilience that goes far beyond the norm.


Made in Germany.

We manufacture directly at our German production sites in Chemnitz and Langenwetzendorf – with a highly qualified, well-practised team. Because: It is from here that we can best fulfil our own standards in respect of quality, timeliness and ability to deliver. On the latest highly automated assembly lines, and with a nominal production plant manufacturing capacity of 400 MWp. Curious?
Have a look for yourself!


Put your trust in us.

You can also rely on constant “outstanding business strength” and especial financial stability. Since 2011, both have been regularly honoured by top rating certificates – currently by the Creditreform agency.
We have been continuously awarded top rating certificates since 2011.

Crefozert Logo 2022 Heckert Solar

Since 2011 continuous awarding with TOP rating certificates

  • 2022
  • 2021
  • 2020
  • 2019
  • 2018
  • 2017
  • 2016
  • 2015
  • 2014
  • 2013
  • 2012
  • 2011


Robust, powerful, high quality.

We work solely with certified materials from leading manufacturers. All modules are supplied with greater output than stated and are TÜV-certified – including construction type and safety certificate, salt spray corrosion test and tests for ammonia resistance. The TÜV-certified snow load is 5,400 Pa (test load 8,100 Pa). Every module bears the CE mark (Conformité Européenne). We supply the NeMo® range with a standard 15-year product guarantee,  and a performance guarantee of 90% for 10 years and 80% for 25 years.

For years now, Heckert Solar has been undergoing positive developments. Not least because of our intensive, successful partnerships with specialist skilled trades. The ‘Top Brand PV’ awards we have won annually since 2015 are an impressive proof of this.

Top Brand PV Awards of the EuPD continuously since 2015

  • 2022
  • 2021
  • 2020
  • 2019
  • 2018
  • 2017
  • 2016
  • 2015




At a glance.

Field Installation Chemnitz/Saxony

Project AGRAVIS East
Power: 315 kWp
Put into operation: 2022
Modules: NeMo® 2.0 60 M 330 Wp
Features: PV as an integral part of the AGRAVIS sustainability program, since the end of 2021 until July 2022 equipping several warehouses at the Querfurt, Aschersleben and Bülstringen sites with a total of 15,440 solar modules of the NeMo® 2.0 60 M 330 Wp series. Total installed capacity 5.1 MWp.

Solarstrom für Appartementhäuser in Beirut

IGAEZ Libanon Beirut
Solar power for apartment buildings in Beirut, Lebanon
Power: 5,2 kWp
Put into operation: 2022
Modules: NeMo® 2.0 60 M 325 Wp
Features: Several of these smaller rooftop installations now provide a more stable power supply on Beirut’s rooftops
Solar power makes independent of the dilapidated and unreliable power grid and smelly diesel generators.

PV-Projekt Deutsche Werkstätten Hellerau

Deutsche Werkstätten Hellerau
PV Project Deutsche Werkstätten Hellerau, Dresden
Power: 500 kWp
Put into operation: 2021
Modules: NeMo® 2.0 60 M 330 Wp
Features: Flat roof installation of SunStrom GmbH, one of the largest PV roof systems in Dresden, 2,000sqm were covered with a total of 1,500 solar modules,
75% of the generated PV electricity is used by the Deutsche Werkstätten Hellerau themselves.

SolarX Carport in Targa-Jiu Rumänien

Referenz SolarX Carport Rumänien
SolarX Carport in Targa-Jiu Rumänien
Power: 5 kWp
Put into operation: 2021
Modules: NeMo® 2.0 60 M Black 325 Wp
Features: Complete system including self-developed charging station with display of the car’s charging status, powder-coated steel construction
fully automatic control via cell phone app.

PV-Anlage auf Windenergie-Kranstellfläche 90 kWp

Referenz Kranstellfläche WestfalenWIND
PV system on wind energy crane platform
Power: 90 kWp
Put in to operation: 2021
Modules: NeMo® 2.0 60 M, 300 Wp
Features: Winner of the “pv magazine TOP-BUSINESS-MODEL 2021 AWARDS”: PV plant built on folding frame by the company Smartvolt. This allows extremely fast and flexible assembly and disassembly of the PV system in case of necessary maintenance or repair work on the wind turbine. PV system serves the self-consumption of the wind turbine.

Freifläche Chemnitz

Field Installation Chemnitz/Saxony
Power: 3,6 MWp
Put into operation: 2020
Construction stages: 3 stages from 2017 to 2020
Features: Open field installation on 2ha with an expected yield of approx. 3.6 million kWh per year.

residential house Frankenthal/Saxony

Residential house Frankenthal/Saxony
Power: 13,23 kWp
Put into operation: 2019
Modules: 42 St. NeMo® 2.0 60 M, 315 Wp
Features: Roof-top system on rented residential building for full feed.

Elementary School Vetschau/Spreewald

Elemantary School Vetschau/Spreewald
Power: 29,16 kWp
Put into operation: 2020
Modules: 108 St. NeMo® 2.0 60 P, 270 Wp
Features: Parallel PV system on the roof to supply the primary school.

Hugelshofen/ Switzerland

Power: 12 kWp
Put into operation: 2019
Modules: 40 NeMo® 2.0 60 M, 300 Wp Black Edition
Features: built on a listed building, used inverter: Fronius Symo 12.5-3-M

Highway A94 Forstinning/Bavaria

Highway A94 Forstinning/Bavaria
Power: 750 kWp
Put into operation: 2019
Modules: NeMo® 2.0 60 M, 325 Wp
Features: Solar park next to highway A94; used inverter: SMA Core 1

Lidl Essenbach/Bavaria

Lidl Essenbach/Bavaria
Power: 240 kWp
Put into operation: 2019
Modules: NeMo® 2.0 60 M, 325 Wp
Features: Used Inverter: SMA STP25000 TL-30

Energiemax BV Fleischmann

Energiemax BV Fleischmann
Power: 25,2 kWp
Put into operation: 2019
Modules: 95 St. NeMo® 2.0 60 P, 265 Wp
Features: Installation on flat roof

Wohnhaus Neukirchen/Saxony

Wohnhaus Neukirchen/Saxony
Power: 7,37 kWp
Put into operation: 2018
Modules: 25 St. NeMo® 2.0 60 P, 295 Wp
Features: Transverse mounting of the modules, system use cloud
(STS Solar Technik Schneider)

Solaera Dresden/Saxony

SOLAERA Dresden/Saxony
Power: 8,4 kWp
Put into operation: 2018
Modules: 28 St. NeMo® 2.0 60 M, 300 Wp
Features: Combination of PV and heat pump. A solar coverage rate of 80% for the heat supply can be realizable. Through an additional energy storage system, the aim is to achieve a self-sufficiency rate between 80-100%.

Tisiba BV Niederwiesa/Saxony

Tisiba BV Niederwiesa/Saxony
Power: 99,74 kWp
Put into operation: 2018
Modules: NeMo® 2.0 60 M, 305 Wp
Features: PV installation on industrial halls


Power: 9,9 kWp
Put into operation: 2018
Modules: NeMo® 2.0 60 M, 300 Wp Black Frame
Features: Part of the “500-roofs-project” in Poland. Installed by Polish partner Multisun. Installation of the special series NeMo 2.0 60 M Black Frame (standard mono module with black frame)


Power: 5,4 kWp
Put into operation: 2018
Modules: NeMo® 2.0 60 M Black Frame, 300 Wp
Features: Part of the “500-roofs-project” in Poland. Installed by Polish partner Multisun. Installation of the special series NeMo 2.0 60 M Black Frame (standard mono module with black frame)


Power: 9,9 kWp
Put into operation: 2018
Modules: NeMo® 2.0 60 M Black Frame, 300 Wp
Features: Part of the “500-roofs-project” in Poland. Installed by Polish partner Multisun. Installation of the special series NeMo 2.0 60 M Black Frame (standard mono module with black frame)


Power: 6,0 kWp
Put into operation: 2018
Modules: NeMo® 2.0 60 M Black Frame, 300 Wp
Features: Part of the “500-roofs-project” in Poland. Installed by Polish partner Multisun. Installation of the special series NeMo 2.0 60 M Black Frame (standard mono module with black frame)

Airport Munich/Bavaria

Airport Munich/Bavaria
Power: 1,13 MWp
Put into operation: 2018
Modules: 2.538 St. NeMo® 2.0 60 M, 295 Wp Black Edition
Features: Planned use of photovoltaic power for charging stations in the car park; particularly strict requirements in respect of glare protection

Tisiba Chemnitz/Saxony

Tisiba Chemnitz/Saxony
Power: 7,83 kWp
Put into operation: 2018
Modules: 25 St. NeMo® 2.0 M 290 Wp Black Edition
Features: PV system with modules of the Black Edition for aesthetics

BV Bellach Switzerland

BV Bellach Switzerland
Power: 4,5 kWp
Put into operation: 2018
Modules: NeMo® 2.0 60 M 300 Wp
Features: 15 modules in addition to a system from 2000 with the same orientation and inclination

Carport Chemnitz/Saxony

Carport “Green Pillar” Chemnitz/Saxony
Power: 40 kWp
Put into operation: 2018
Modules: 132 St. NeMo® 2.0 60 M 300 Wp
Features: Solar power for charging electric vehicles (private and commercial)

Solar park Torgau/Saxony

Solar park Torgau/Saxony
Power: 750 kWp
Put into operation: 2018
Modules: 2.500 St. NeMo® 2.0 M 300 Wp
Features: Regional creation of value, construction project by Torgau’s municipal utilities

Kita Rettenberg/Bavaria

Kita Rettenberg/Bavaria
Power: 15,2 kWp
Put into operation: 2018
Modules: NeMo® 2.0 60 M Black Edition
Features: Solar power is used directly in the children’s day nursery. Focus on attractive look; black modules

Blank Kunsthandwerk Grünhainichen/Saxony

Blank Kunsthandwerk Grünhainichen/Saxony
Power: 48,3 kWp
Put into operation: 2018
Modules: 161 St. NeMo® 2.0 60 M 300 Wp
Features: Modules on the roof of Blank Kunsthandwerk

Field installation Heckert Solar Chemnitz/Saxony

Field installation Heckert Solar Chemnitz/Saxony
Power: expanded to 1,5 MWp
Put into operation: 2014/2018
Modules: Test modules of all series
Features: Test system using modules that are not commercially available; 100% green power for production of our own modules

Residential building Torgelow/Meck-Pomm

Residential building Torgelow/Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania
Power: 9,99 kWp
Put into operation: 2017
Modules: 37 St. NeMo® 2.0 60 P, 270 Wp
Features: Symmetrical arrangement of the modules on the roof of the house (STS Solartechnik Schneider)

Solarisplus in Singen/Baden-Wuerttemberg

Solarisplus self-consumption with direct marketing in Singen/Baden-Wuerttemberg
Power: 332,7 kWp
Put into operation: 2018
Modules: 1.109 St. NeMo® 60 M 300 Wp
Features: Solarmodules on industrial hall with self-consumption and direct marketing. Contract with supply of electricity from system operator enables lower electricity prices.

Repowering on Federal Chancellery Berlin

Repowering on Federal Chancellery, Berlin
Power: 174 kWp
Put into operation: 2017
Modules: 655 x NeMo® 60 P 265 Wp
FEatures: Repowering of the existing plant (150 kWp)
Requirement: German components

Print shop Oranienburg/Brandenburg

Print shop Oranienburg/Brandenburg
Power: 99,90 kWp
Put into operation: 2017
Modules: 370 St. NeMo® 60 P 270 Wp
Features: Building in commercial use; installation of SolarEdge power optimisers

Food-Lovers-Market Daressalaam/Tansania

Food-Lovers-Market Daressalaam/Tansania
Power: 15 kWp
Put into operation: 2014
Modules: 64 St. NeMo® P 230 Wp
Features: Particularly demanding climate conditions: constant high temperatures; high humidity. One of the first solar power systems in Tanzania to be connected to the grid.

German museum of technology Berlin

German museum of technology Berlin
Power: 46 kWp
Put into operation: 2015
Modules: 180 St. NeMo® 60 P
Features: Elevation with 6° incline; no penetration

Solar park Amberg/Bavaria

Solar park Amberg/Bavaria
Power: 3,82 MWp
Put into operation: 2014
Modules: 16.626 St. NeMo® P 230 Wp
Features: Particularly strict requirements in respect of glare protection, as installed directly next to a main road and railway line

Turk Traktor Ankara/Turkey

Turk Traktor Ankara/Turkey
Power: 64 kWp
Put into operation: 2012
Modules: 294 St. NeMo® P 215 Wp
Features: The first Heckert solar power system in Turkey, fitted to the production halls of Turkey’s largest tractor manufacturer

Technical college Schmalkalden/Thuringia

Technical college Schmalkalden/Thuringia
Power: 260 kWp
Put into operation: 2011
Modules: 1.242 St. HS PXL* 210 Wp
Features: Specially adapted to the roof architecture; snow load zone 3

SOS Children’s Village Grimmen/Meck-Pomm

SOS Children’s Village Grimmen/Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania
Power: 24,51 kWp
Put into operation: 2009
Modules: 113 St. HS-PXL 215 Wp
Features: Modules fitted horizontally to sloping canopy, for better visual appearance, including blind module

Residential roof Dohmen/North Rhine-Westphalia

Residential roof Dohmen/North Rhine-Westphalia
Power: 8 kWp
Put into operation: 2017
Modules: 28 St. NeMo® 2.0 60 M 280 Wp Black Edition
Features: Black modules, to match roof cladding

Residential roof Seeburg/Lower Saxony

Residential roof Seeburg/Lower Saxony
Power: 10 kWp
Put into operation: 2017
Modules: 36 St. NeMo® 2.0 60 M 275 Wp Black Edition
Features: Fully black roof top installation

Residential roof Brixle

Residential roof Brixle
Power: 4,37 kWp
Put into operation: 2015
Modules: 19 St. NeMo® P 230 Wp Black
Features: Installed on roof of pitched dormer section, black modules

Residential roof Kirkel/Saarland

Residential roof in Kirkel/Saarland
Power: 5,46 kWp
Put into operation: 2011
Modules: 26 St. PXL* 210 Wp
Features: Roof top installation around dormer

Residential roof Ljubljana/Slowenien

Residential roof Ljubljana/Slovenia
Power: 4 kWp
Put into operation: 2010
Solarmodule: 20 St. HS PXL 200 Wp
Features: Installation for testing purposes with B1-classified modules


Highlights in our company’s history

  • Redesign Heckert Solar Ordershop

    For the 3rd anniversary, the ordershop from Heckert Solar GmbH was given a modern and responsive design. In addition to the technically assurance, the ordershop presents an higher level of useability and a more structured presentation of the product portfolio.

  • Partnership with Solar-Log

    Heckert Solar GmbH has expanded the range with products from Solar-LogTM. The cooperation is a logical step, because both companies are leading the dynamic photovoltaic market with constant innovations and live a comparable company philosophy.

  • TOP BONITY 2020

    For the 10th time in a row, Heckert Solar GmbH was awarded for special financial stability with a very low risk of failure. The manufacturer from Saxony is one of the 2.0% of companies that satisfy the high certification criteria.


    At the invitation of SMA Solar Technology AG employees from the sales team were able to experience a very informative day on the site from SMA.


    The "Top Brand PV" award, which has been won in a row since 2015 - the renowned Bonn EuPD Research - in the module category is an impressive recognition and a special honor for the company for Heckert Solar. Only a few manufacturers receive this award.


    Heckert Solar invites specialist partners to the traditional opening event in Chemnitz. Around 250 guests - a diverse mix of manufacturers, partners and specialist dealers - met outside of everyday life in order to exchange ideas about growth potential, innovations and future business areas.


    New in our range: the modern RESU energy storage systems from LG Chem - the optimal energy solution for consumers. Currently with 3 different RESU series. Heckert Solar react so on the increasing rights to electricity storage.


    Heckert Solar extends the eMobility product range with Wallbox charging stations from Hardy Barth. The powerful charging stations offer a wide range of possible uses to “fill up” electric cars.


    At the 10th Days of Industrial Culture more than 150 people followed the offer to experience from Heckert Solar. For most of them the interesting tour along of our production lines was the absolute highlight. It was a complete success for our premiere at the Days of Industrial Culture!


    With the SolarCloud - a solution in cooperation with innogy SE, enviaM and LEW - operators of photovoltaic systems can feed their self-generated solar power into a virtual memory with unlimited capacity and call it up all year round as required.  


    Heckert Solar was an exhibitor at INTERSOLAR in Munich for the 11th time. In addition to the new BMZ high-voltage storage system HYPERION, our booth also featured a solar cloud solution that will be available from August in cooperation with innogy, LEW and enviaM. You could also see modules from the NeMo® 2.0 60 M series in the versions Silver, Full Black and Black Frame in the new performance classes up to 320 Wp.  


    For the past 9 years in a row, Heckert Solar GmbH has received awards for special financial stability with a very low risk of failure. Heckert Solar had another successful business year in 2018, again increasing sales by 17% compared to the previous year.  


    Solar industry meets in Chemnitz - around 200 participants from all over Germany accepted the invitation from Heckert Solar and used the forum to get extensive information about the latest product developments, megatrends and future visions related to the topic of solar energy.  


    The beginning has been made - the “Green Pillar” in the commercial area on Carl-von-Bach-Strasse 8a in Chemnitz has been in operation for a few days and can be used around the clock by both private and commercial customers to “charge up” with electricity . “Green” electricity comes directly from the 40 kWp PV system on the roof of the charging station. The modules come from the Heckert Solar production halls.  


    In addition to the new BMZ ESS memories, the immediately available extension of the product guarantee for all NeMo 2.0 modules to up to 20 years was also presented for the first time. In addition, the attentive visitor could already see the first results of the new Heckert Solar appearance. The new company logo was emblazoned in large letters on the stand.


    Future-oriented action, a responsible use of resources and a constantly outstanding entrepreneurial strength paired with profound market knowledge in PV, Heckert Solar will secure the CrefoZert for excellent economic performance in 2018 as well.


    Thanks to the good reputation that Heckert Solar and the multi-certified NeMo® modules enjoy in the PV industry, the company has now received the "Top Brand PV" seal in the Module Germany category for the fourth time in a row.


    At the traditional kick-off event, Heckert Solar made the PV forum “Install future” ready for a new financial year in the PV industry and gave promising prospects.


    Saxony's solar module manufacturer is one of the first companies in the industry to receive the TÜV certificate according to the new IEC 61215: 2016 and IEC 61730: 2016 standards. Solar modules meet the strictest requirements with around 60 quality and safety tests.


    Deputy Minister of Energy of South Brazil, Evandro Fontana, visits Heckert Solar in Chemnitz and discusses ways of opening up the market with the module manufacturer from Chemnitz.

  • Smart cooperation

    As part of the Fraunhofer ISE (Institute for Solar Energy Systems) CTM100+ project, Heckert was able to co-develop the SmartCal.CMT software – and harness it to coordinate materials and optimise cell performance.


    The new booth at Intersolar was convincing - and gets around 1,000 visitors, which was talking with Heckert Solar. In focus: new modules and the practical online order system for PV specialists and installers.

  • Trust us

    In May 2017, Creditreform’s new CrefoZert creditworthiness certificate once again sends a clear, positive signal to partner businesses.

  • Repeated distinction

    Only a few companies ever receive the coveted ‘Top Brand Photovoltaics’ seal from EuPD Research – But Heckert Solar has already received it for the fifth time.

  • Powerful performance

    The new high-performance NeMo® 2.0 module goes on sale. It scores highly in Mono, Mono Black and Poly versions, thanks to improved performance due to the modern 5-busbar technology.


    The topic of the 2nd Power Storage Day was “ready for the revolution”. With 150 guests and speakers on the stage exciting discussions and new contacts take place.


    The cooperation with Mercedes-Benz brings more than prestige: the power storage with the typical Mercedes-Star complete the modules from Heckert Solar, offers stylish design and highest product quality.

  • Greater capacity

    Thanks to partnership with the battery manufacturer VARTA Storage, Heckert Solar is able to expand its product range to include a further high quality energy storage system.

  • New opportunities

    Heckert Solar succeeds with expanded product range. In the middle of the year, the monocrystalline NeMo® 60 M is introduced – just in time for the Intersolar trade fair in Munich. At the same time, it is introduced in the popular Black version.

  • Complete trust

    For the sixth time in a row, Bisnode has awarded Heckert Solar its top rating. Europe’s leading provider of digital business information therefore once again confirms: Heckert Solar is one of Germany’s most creditworthy businesses.

  • Crowning highlight

    The repowering project on the roof of the Federal Chancellery in Berlin: When renovating the system, the Dresden-based specialist partner MR Sun-Strom decided to renew the existing photovoltaic system – and to use Heckert Solar’s NeMo® 60 P solar modules.

  • Fresh energy

    On the roof of the Berlin Museum of Technology, Heckert Solar’s modules now produce the museum’s green energy all year round, using 180 NeMo® 60 P polycrystalline photovoltaic modules. That saves 24 tonnes of CO₂ per year.

  • Leading position

    In 2016 too, Heckert Solar GmbH can be considered to be one of the leading producers of solar modules. Once again, EuPD Research awarded the company the ‘Top Brand Photovoltaics’ seal.


    In 2015 the EuPD Research awarded Heckert Solar. The award is take through by the independent study "PV Installer Monitor" every year as top PV mark with the seal “Top Brand PV”.

  • Perfect complement

    With immediate effect, Heckert Solar is in partnership with the Hamburg-based internationally renowned manufacturer of the S:FLEX photovoltaics mounting systems. The frame manufacturer’s product portfolio covers all requirements for the widest range of solar projects.

  • Targeted expansion

    In October, Heckert begins to increase production capacity from 240 MWp per year to a planned approximate capacity of 300 MWp per year. This investment also sees the start of the gradual change to 4/ 5-busbar cell technology.

  • Legal Form

    On 3 December 2014, Heckert Solar AG will change its legal form back to Heckert Solar GmbH. The company remains in 100% ownership of the Trinkerl family.


    16.626 Solarmodules NeMo P 230 Wp supply electricity for the 4MW solar park in Amberg. The particular challenge was to meet the requirements of the glare protection of the adjacent main road.


    In May Heckert Solar received the first place in financial check from Bisnode - for the fourth time. The certificate for excellent creditworthiness confirms our impressive business performance.


    During her visit to the company, Barbara Ludwig (the Mayor of Chemnitz), gave the start for the commissioning of the 1.14MWp System on the company premises from Heckert Solar. With this system on a open space, the company is setting a example for successfully energy transition. The generated electricity is only used for module production.

  • New module

    In March 2014, Heckert Solar introduces the new 60-cell high performance NeMo® 60 P module. This module, with its power of 265 Wp and module efficiency of up to 16.3%, offers benefits for larger roof and free-standing systems, and reduces material costs and installation costs.


    Heckert Solar awarded on the first place and is recommended most frequently. The survey was lead through „Mühlhausen Marketing & Kommunikation".


    Heckert Solar receives the TOP RATING certificate from Hoppenstedt`s CreditCheck for the third time in a row. In 2013 Heckert Solar was again under the 4.9% best-rated companies IN GERMANY.

  • Change of management

    As part of a generational change, on 28 March 2013 Benjamin Trinkerl assumes operational management of Heckert Solar AG. As sole shareholder, the previous chairman Xaver Trinkerl remains with the company as a member of the supervisory board.

  • Desert Project

    For the very first time, Heckert Solar exports solar modules to the Algerian desert. The 112 kWp system comprises 85 off-grid systems for supplying power to telecommunications and radio broadcast stations.

  • Salzburg’s largest

    Heckert Solar supplies 414 NeMo® P modules for Salzburg’s largest public solar power system. The photovoltaic system on the roof of the Federal Commercial Academy in Zell am See was put into operation in early October 2012.


    On July 16 2012 a new PV system was put into the 3 newly built soundproof walls at the Nuremberg marshalling yard. Over a length of 1.3 km and a total area of 1,159 m² generate 791 NeMo® solar modules an annual electricity generation of 141,100 kWh.

  • Continued success

    Heckert Solar successfully completes a pilot project in Turkey: Since the end of June 2012, a 63 kW system has been supplying power for Turkey’s largest tractor manufacturer in Ankara.

  • Top quality

    Audit marathon spread over several days: Heckert Solar’s management systems are now ISO and OHSAS-certified. In May 2012, Heckert Solar successfully completed the group certification for quality management, environmental management and occupational safety management.


    Commissioning of constructionphase number 3 on the solarpark in Breitung. A fallow site, previously heavily contaminated with the poisonous metal cadmium, makes a significant contribution to environmental protection now.


    In January 2012 Heckert Solar received again the TOP RATING certificate from Hoppenstedt.

  • Longer guarantee

    11-year product guarantee for Heckert Solar modules. Once again, automation considerably increases series quality.


    Heckert Solar Modules receive an MCS certificate. This means that our high-performance modules can also be used in Great Britain now.


    A 75kWp PV system is providing electricity on the roof of the sports high school in Oberhof (Thuringia). The system supplies 15% of the required Electricity.

  • Better together

    Heckert Solar deploys innovative adhesive technology. Modules produced by Heckert Solar demonstrate increased durability and sturdiness thanks to the use of a special 2-component adhesive.


    Barbara Ludwig (Mayor of Chemnitz) visits Heckert Solar. During the factory tour Barbara Ludwig convinced of the possibilities that the regional solar industry offers.


    Heckert Solar receives CSTB certification for HS P SOLRIF® modules. The certification process for the SOLRIF® modules, which are suitable for roof integration, was successfully completed in November 2011.


    The hightech production from Heckert Solar modules relies on high-tech silver conductive pastes from DuPont™. Heckert Solar has been using the conductive pastes of the Solamet® PV17x product family since their introduction in February 2011. So Heckert Solar can confirm an increase of cellefficiency, better processreliability and increased productivity.


    In January 2011 Heckert Solar received the TOP RATING certificate from Hoppenstedt. According the CreditCheck the manufacturer of modules was one of the 3.3% best-rated companies in Germany.


    Starting in November Heckert Solar will produce the HS-PXL * module, an upgrade of the previous standard modules from Heckert Solar. The HS-PXL is an precursor to the new NeMo module, which is available from mid-August 2011.


    During a visit to the plant Frank Kupfer (the Saxon State Minister for Environment and Agriculture) presented the company's founder and board member, Xaver Trinkerl, the certificate for admission on the Saxony Environmental Alliance.

  • On top

    From April 2010, Heckert Solar AG now has at its disposal an in-roof system. With the Schweizer company’s SOLRIF® in-roof installation system, standard solar laminates become PXL200 solar roof tiles.


    The modules from Heckert Solar AG receive the TÜV certificate IEC / EN61701 for successfully passing from the salt mist corrosion test.


    In February 2010 Heckert Solar received an score of 2.15 in the customer satisfaction test, which is 0.4 points above the average. This Test was conducte by the market research institute EuPD.

  • Moving earth

    December sees the start of ground works for the new 300 MWp factory, in order to meet increasing demand for Heckert Solar’s high performance modules.

  • Legal form

    In October, and with retrospective effect from 1 January, the company changes its legal form to Heckert Solar AG. The Trinkerl family holds all shares in the non-listed limited company, and company founder and previous managing director Xaver Trinkerl becomes the chairman.

  • Four wins

    In May, production in Factory II switches to 4-shift operation. So now, for the first time, high-performance modules will be produced at the Chemnitz site around the clock on every day of the week, in order to satisfy increasing demand. Heckert Solar currently boasts a nominal capacity of 90 MWp per year.


    In April the new administration and logistics center with a total floor space of 3,600 m² is occupied.

  • Foundations laid

    In August, foundations are laid for the four-storey administration and logistics centre directly linked to Factory II.

  • Fully automatic

    In July, with the completion of a second fully automated production line, production capacity in Factory II is now increased to 60 MWp per year.

  • New factory

    In March, foundations for Factory II are laid at a new site in Chemnitz. Following the record construction time of just five months, the manufacturing site with a capacity of 20 MWp per year is put into operation. The entire frame production facilities and administration remain in Factory I.

  • Number one

    On 1 September, Heckert Solar in Chemnitz produces its first polycrystalline photovoltaic module. Maximum capacity of 6 MWp per year is reached just a short time after production commences. Rapid market success and constantly growing demand require an increase in production capacity, and enable the construction of a new factory to be planned.

  • The beginning

    On 26 November, Xaver Trinkerl founds Heckert-B.X.T. Solar GmbH in Chemnitz. Over the following two years, along with a team of technologists and engineers, in Factory I he develops one of the world’s first fully automatic soldering machines, among other things.

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