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Made in Germany

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Everything requires electricity. In the city. In the countryside. And when you’re on the move. Ever more important are greater efficiency, fewer emissions and less dependence on large power stations and fossil fuels. And this is exactly what Heckert Solar offers you.We have an important role, because we work with installers on an nationally and internationally level. Our trade partners and customers discover Quality, technology and Made in Germany out of pure conviction. We see that role as an privilege and so we know that it requires an constant adjustment on the markets.

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Solar Modules, Inverter, Photovoltaic Batteries,
e-Mobility & Systemtechnology

Do you know NeMo®?

The solar module with a long life: powerful, robust and reliable. Our NeMo® modules combine cutting edge technology with an elegant look. The benefits of NeMo® become apparent even before the electricity starts flowing. Easy handling considerably reduces material and installation costs. For even greater flexibility, each module is equipped with MC4 connectors.

NeMo® 4.1 80 M

Large projects require long-lasting quality. By halving the cells through innovative thermal laser beam separation microCELLTM TLS, high power stability is generated. Available in the 390-400 Wp power classes, it achieves efficiencies of up to 20.5%. String lengths of up to 32 modules can be realized without any problems.

NeMo® 4.2 80 M

Design for the future.
The innovative module design of the G12 cross-string module NeMo® 4.2 was developed together with the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE. Available in the 395-405 Wp power classes, it achieves efficiencies of up to 20.8%. String lengths of up to 16 modules can be realized without any problems.

NeMo® 3.0 120 M

More power for everyone.
The innovative solar module in half-cut design convinces with brilliant processing quality and robustness. The modules are available in the power classes 375-380 Wp and thus have an efficiency of up to
20 % efficiency. This module is also available as a black-frame variant with a black module frame.

NeMo® 2.0 60 M

The proven classic.
Durable and stable module design combined with reliable performance and elegant aesthetics. The modules are available in the power classes 320 – 335 Wp and thus have up to 19.9 % efficiency. The Full-Black variant additionally impresses with a homogeneous, clear appearance. Popular in the residential sector.

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