Strong partners

In the area of ​​system-relevant components like inverters, mounting systems and wiring we only cooperate with the market leaders. Thus our customers enjoy all the benefits associated with it:

  •      high product and service quality
  •      technology leadership and an
  •      excellent value for money

All components are also coordinated and approved by our Application Engineering Department with regard to the optimal use with our solar modules.

Solar Inverter

The inverter is the heart of each solar system. It converts direct current from the solar cells to grid-compliant alternating current. This is why we have developed in close co-operation with major suppliers configurations with highest yields up to 98% and new technologies for maximum efficiency and comfort. Together with our partners we offer THE suitable inverter for each application: whether for power generation or supply to isolated grids, for small domestic appliances or bigger pv-systems up to the megawatt range.