Our product range includes modules for rooftop installations, installations on flat roofs and roof-integrated systems. Accordingly, we can offer you the right frame technology, inverters, batteries and wiring from leading suppliers.

Heckert Solar provides the following module versions:

  •      NeMo® 2.0 60 P - polycrystalline standard module, 60 cells, ideal for roof and ground-mounted systems
  •      NeMo® 2.0 60 M - monocrystalline solar module, 60 cells, higher power classes and focus on design and appearance
  •      NeMo® 2.0 60 M Black Edition - monocrystalline solar module, 60 cells with elegant black appearance

As a manufacturer of high performance solar modules made in Germany Heckert Solar provides as well all necessary system components for various types of installations and different needs. Other accessories such as inverters and connection techniques can be found in equipment.

If required, we deliver pre-assembled kits including all necessary PV-components for your installation directly to your construction site.