Privacy statement

We are delighted to see your interest in our homepage and organisation. Our website may contain links to other sites that are not affiliated, associated with, or controlled by us. Please be aware that these other sites may be owned or developed by people over whom we have no direct control, and accordingly we are not responsible for their privacy practices. This Privacy Policy applies only to those parts of our website within our control.
The privacy of all those who visit our homepage is of prime importance to us. Your personal information is protected by law. Please find below information detailing how we collect and use data on this website.

1. Collection and processing data
On this website data is anonymously collected and stored for marketing and optimisation purposes. The technology utilised for these objectives is provided by etracker GmbH ( Based on this data profiles will be created and linked to an alias. This might be achieved via usage of cookies, which collect and store data pseudonymously. Data will not be used to identify a specific site visitor nor will data be cross-referenced with an alias. At any time site visitors may object to data collection and be assured of immediate action to fulfil this request.

2. Usage and circulation of data
The personal data you have provided will only be referred to in order to answer your enquiries, process contracts and handle technical administration. Personal data will not be passed on to third parties unless required for contract implementation (such as order details to suppliers), billing purposes or when your consent has been obtained. You have the right to withdraw your consent at any time with immediate effect.
Stored personal data will be deleted should you withdraw your consent for storage, their usage is not required any longer or if storing this data violates legal requirements.

3. Right of access to personal data
We are happy to disclose your stored personal data to you after a written request has been lodged.

Security Notice:
We try our very best to secure personal data and make it inaccessible to third parties. To guarantee the safety of this data we are dedicated to employ the highest technical and organisational standards. We can not assure total data security when it comes to email communication and recommend the usage of postal mail for transferring confidential information.