Modulprüfung in der hauseigenen Klimakammer

We want satisfied customers

Our customers set the standards for the quality of our products. From their judgment, we derive our motivation to act. Therefore, a high quality of our service and products is our main objective. This includes the knowledgeable and prompt handling of requests, tenders and contracts, as well as keeping the promised dates.

Quality is our utmost credo

To provide services which meet specific requirements is the obligation of every employee of our company. Our requierements of quality, environmental and occupational protection are being taken seriously by all of our employees before and during the entire production process. This sense of responsibility contributes significantly to the economic efficiency of the company. In any case, the avoidance of errors takes priority over the troubleshooting.

Deviations are corrected autonomously by the responsable employee depending on his competence. If these deviations cannot be corrected autonomously due to a lack of competence, the employee in question draws up concrete proposals for rectifying the error and forward them to the board.

Cooperation - an important key to success

Since the quality of our products is very largely dependent on the quality of our suppliers and partners, we expect this quality standards as well from our partners and we are, of course, willing and able to support them in achieving these mutual goals.

This is how we ensure our quality

Through a targeted internal and external training for our employees we create the conditions for a quality-oriented work and thus a high level of customer satisfaction.

Achieving our objectives regarding quality, environmental and occupational protection is an important management task. Therefore, as far as concerns our system for performance assessment we focus on the quality of work of our staff taking into account environmental and occupational health and safety related aspects.

All employees of our company know the quality, environmental and occupational protection policies and implement them actively. We comply with all legal requirements.

With our combined management system optimal conditions for early detection of potential risks exist in order to minimize these dangers in the first place. More information about our quality, environmental and occupational portection policies can be found here.

Heckert Solar successfully completed certification for management systems according to ISO and OHSAS

In May 2015, Heckert Solar once again successfully completed the combined certification according to ISO 9001:2008 (Quality Management), ISO 14001:2004 (Environmental Management) and OHSAS 18001:2007 (Occupational Health and Safety Management).

The deep-rooted quality consciousness of the module manufacturer is now confirmed and documented by an independent body, the TÜV Süd. At the same time, the integrated management system synergy enables continuous improvement and thus a more efficient management in all three areas - Quality, Environment and Safety at work.

To read more about the certification process please see our press release.