The year 2017 started with a brilliant inaugural event which was organized by Heckert Solar. The second edition of the Heckert Solar Power Storage Day attrackts around 150 guests and speakers and gave a comprehensive overview of current trends in the PV-storage market.

In February 2017, an important step for Heckert Solar was the launch of the new high-performance modules NeMo® 60 2.0. Performance classes up to 300Wp and more are now added to the product portfolio.

At the same time, the company once again received the coveted EuPD Research "Top Brand PV" seal, which marks Heckert Solar as one of the leading PV manufacturers in Germany.

In May 2017, Heckert Solar receives CrefoZert certification for excellent business performance. The new solvency certificate issued by Creditreform highlights the financial security and trustworthiness of the module manufacturer.

At the Intersolar 2017 in Munich, Heckert Solar presented itself with a newly designed stand and was able to get in contact with around 1,000 visitors. In addition to the presentation of the new modules NeMo® 2.0 60, the launch of the new online presence also came into focus. In June 2017, the Heckert Solar online order system has been started (only for orders within Germany).

As part of the "CTM100 + project" of the Fraunhofer ISE (Institute for Solar Energy Systems), Heckert Solar was entitled to co-develop the "SmartCalc.CMT software" over a longer period of time and to apply it in practice successfully.

After extensive testing, Heckert Solar received the TÜV certifications according to the latest IEC standard for the NeMo® 2.0 modules. In addition to the standard certificate for design and safety qualification, the modules of the Saxon manufacturer were also successfully tested in the fields of salt mist corrosion and ammonia resistance. These certificates underline the high quality, longevity and durability of the Heckert Solar Modules.


Also in 2016, Heckert Solar GmbH sustains its position as a leading manufacturer of solar modules and once again received the EuPD Research "Top Brand PV" seal.

The Berlin Museum of Technology produces its own green electricity using 180 polycrystalline modules NeMo® 60 P produced by Heckert Solar.

In April 2016, Heckert Solar was awarded the Top Rating Certificate by Bisnode (the leading European provider of digital business information) for the sixth consecutive year. With this, Heckert Solar has been officially one of the most creditworthy companies in Germany for more than 5 years.

With an expansion of the product range, Heckert Solar attracted attention in June 2016: The monocrystalline solar module NeMo® 60 M was presented in time for the Intersolar in Munich. The NeMo® 60 M was simultaneously presented in the coveted Black version.

The cooperation with Mercedes-Benz brought Heckert Solar a particularly great feedback. The power storage units of the world-famous automobile brand are an excellent supplement to the Heckert Solar Modules and offer a true-to-style design and of course have the high product quality of Mercedes-Benz.

Virtual at the same time the cooperation with the pv-storage system manufacturer VARTA Storage succeeded and Heckert Solar expands its product range with another high-quality energy storage solution.

One highlight at the end of the year was the repowering project on the rooftops of the Federal Chancellery in Berlin. The Dresden specialist MR SunStrom won the tender for the retrofit of the pv-plant and decided to install the solar modules NeMo® 60 P from Heckert Solar for the renewal of the existing PV plant.


Also in 2015, EuPD Research, a pollster and market researcher in Bonn, awarded Heckert Solar as part of the independent annual survey “PV InstallerMonitor®” the seal “Top Brand PV 2015”.

Heckert Solar receives the top rating certificate by Bisnode (the leading European provider of digital information on economy) for the 5th time in a row and is thereby one of Germany’s most creditworthy companies.

Henceforth, Heckert Solar cooperates with S:FLEX, an internationally-established manufacturer of PV mounting systems located in Hamburg, Germany. The product range fulfills all requirements for the most diverse solar projects.

In October, Heckert Solar starts increasing its production capacity from 240 to a planned 300 MWp per year. This investment also marks the beginning of the gradual change to the 4- and 5-busbar cell technology.


In March 2014, Heckert Solar launches the new 60-cell high-power module NeMo®60 P. This module with a capacity up to 265 Wp and a module efficiency of up to 16.3% has advantages in larger roof-and ground-mounted systems and reduces material and installation costs.

In May Heckert Solar receives for the 4th time in a row the top grade 1 in the CreditCheck established by Bisnode (formerly known as Hoppenstedt). The certificate for outstanding creditworthiness confirms the "impressive entrepreneurial performance" of the module manufacturer.

During the visit of the Chemnitz Mayor Barbara Ludwig, Heckert Solar puts its own new ground-mounted 1.14 MWp PV-plant right next to its production site in Chemnitz into action. This solar park demonstrates how a successful energy revolution might look like. 100% of the supplied solar energy is used for the module production of Heckert Solar.

16,626 solar modules NeMo P 230 Wp supply electricity for the 4 MW solar park in Amberg. The special challenge with this ground-mounted installation was to meet the requirements of the glare protection of the adjoining federal highway. Result: No problem for the anti-reflex coated modules from Heckert Solar.

Heckert Solar places first  in a survey conducted by the agency "Mühlhausen Marketing & Communication" among 160 installers and is thus recommended most frequently.

In December 2014, Heckert Solar AG has changed into Heckert Solar GmbH. The company is still 100% owned by the family Trinkerl.


On March 28, 2013 Benjamin Trinkerl takes over the operational management of Heckert Solar AG in the course of a generational shift. As a sole shareholder the former Management Board Member Xaver Trinkerl remains member of the Supervisory Board.

For the 3rd time in a row Heckert Solar receives the TOP RATING certificate from Hoppenstedt. Like the 2 years before it confirms that the module manufacturer ranks again among the 4.9% best performing companies in Germany.

For the first time Heckert Solar is exporting solar panels to the desert of Algeria. The 112 kWp installation consists of 85 off-grid systems that are used for power supply of RTV and radio transmission stations.



In January 2012, Heckert Solar receives again the TOP RATING certificate from Hoppenstedt. With this Heckert Solar ranks again among the 4.4% of the best performing companies in Germany according to the CreditCheck.

Multi-day audit completed with success. Heckert Solar receives ISO and OHSAS certification for its management systems. In May 2012, Heckert Solar successfully completed the combined certification of quality management, environmental management and occupational health and safety management.

July 2012, PV installation inaugurated on the three noise barriers at the switch yard station in Nuremberg. At a length of 1.3 km and a total area of 1,159 m² 791 NeMo® P modules by Heckert Solar provide an annual electricity of 141.100kWh.

Commissioning of the section number 3 of the Breitunger Solar Park with solar modules by Heckert Solar. A fallow land, highly contaminated with the toxic metal cadmium now serves as construction site for the largest solar plant in southern Thuringia and thus makes a significantly contribution to environmental protection.

Heckert Solar closes pilot project in Turkey successfully. Since the end of June a 63kW PV system in Ankara supplies power for the largest tractor manufacturer in Turkey.

Heckert Solar provides 414 NeMo® P modules for the largest public PV installation of Salzburg. In early October 2012, the PV system was put into service on the roof of the Commercial Academy in Zell am See.


NEW: 11 years product warranty for Heckert Solar modules. Automation increases the production quality even further.

Heckert Solar modules receive MCS certification. Installation of high-performance modules now possible in the UK, too.

Heckert Solar receives Hoppenstedt TOP RATING certificate. In January 2011, the module manufacturer ranks among the 3.3% of the best performing companies in Germany according to CreditCheck.

Barbara Ludwig, Mayor of the city of Chemnitz, visited Heckert Solar. An exclusive factory tour convinced Barbara Ludwig of the possibilities offered by the regional solar industry.

Endurance test in snow load zone 3 for PV modules by Heckert Solar. As of now, Heckert Solar modules provide electric power on the roof of the sports high school in Oberhof (Thuringia). With 75kWp the plant supplies 15% of the required electricity.

High-Tech solar module production by Heckert Solar focuses on high-tech photovoltaic metallization pastes by DuPont. The use of Solamet® PV17x in the highly automated manufacturing process of solar modules enables an increased process reliability and higher efficiency.

Heckert Solar receives the French CSTB Certification for its modules HS P SOLRIF®. The certification process for the Pass'Innovation suitable for roof integration was successfully completed in November 2011.

Heckert Solar invests in innovative glueing technology. Heckert Solar modules show increased durability and robustness thanks to the use of a special 2-component glue.


Stepping stones 2010 at Heckert Solar

In February 2010, Heckert Solar received a total score of 2.15 of the customer satisfaction test executed by the market research institute EuPD. This means the manufacturer gained 0.4 points more than the average grade.

Starting from April 2010 Heckert Solar AG provides PXL SOLRIF®  - a modification of its standard module PXL which can be used for roof integration. In combination with the in-roof mounting system SOLRIF® by Schweizer these new modules  become solar roof tiles.

Also in April, the modules made by Heckert Solar received the TÜV certificate for the successfully passed salt mist corrosion test according to IEC/EN61701.

During a visit of the factory on 1st of July 2010, the Saxon State Minister for Environment and Agriculture, Frank Kupfer, handed over the document of accession to the "Environmental Alliance of Saxony" to the founder and CEO of Heckert Solar, Xavier Trinkerl.

In November Heckert Solar started the production of the modules HS-PXL*, an upgrade of the previous standard solar modules and mark the next step to the new module NeMo® which will be available by August 2011.


Stepping stones 2009 at Heckert Solar

In April the new corporate headquarters building with a usable area of a total of 3,600 sqm is opened.

In May Heckert Solar extends the manufacturing to 4-shift production. For the first time high-efficient solar modules are produced around-the-clock on every day of the week at Chemnitz plant facing a constantly growing order entry. The company now benefits from a nominal capacity of 90 MWp/year.

On 15th of October, 2009 Heckert Solar had been transformed into the Heckert Solar AG. All shares of the unlisted corporation belong to the family Trinkerl, so the enterprise maintains its independence. To be consistent the company founder Xaver Trinkerl had been appointed as CEO.

In December, the earthworks for the new 300 MWp plant in order to meet the growing demand for high-performance modules from the Heckert Solar brand began.


Stepping stones 2008 at Heckert Solar

In July the manufacturing capacity is raised with completion of the second fully automated production line in plant II on now 60 MWp/year.

In August the laying of the foundation stone occurs for the 4-storied office and logistics building close to plant II.


Milestones 2005 at Heckert Solar

In March the foundation-stone is laid for plant II in a new location in Chemnitz. After the record construction time of only five months the production with a capacity is put into operation with now 20 MWp/year. In plant I remain the whole frame manufacturing and the management offices.


  • Stepping stones 2003 at Heckert Solar

On the 1st of September Heckert-Solar produces in Chemnitz its first polycrystalline photovoltaic module. Already shortly after production start the maximum capacity of 6 MWp/year is reached. The immediate market success and the constantly growing request ask for an increase of manufacturing capacity and allow the planning of a new second plant site.


Stepping stones 2001 at Heckert Solar

On the 26th of November Xaver Trinkerl founded in Chemnitz, Germany, the Heckert-B.X.T. Solar GmbH. In plant I he and his team of technologists and engineers develop during the following two years a.o. one of the first fully automated stringers world-wide.