Stepping stones 2010 at Heckert Solar

In February 2010, Heckert Solar received a total score of 2.15 of the customer satisfaction test executed by the market research institute EuPD. This means the manufacturer gained 0.4 points more than the average grade.

Starting from April 2010 Heckert Solar AG provides PXL SOLRIF®  - a modification of its standard module PXL which can be used for roof integration. In combination with the in-roof mounting system SOLRIF® by Schweizer these new modules  become solar roof tiles.

Also in April, the modules made by Heckert Solar received the TÜV certificate for the successfully passed salt mist corrosion test according to IEC/EN61701.

During a visit of the factory on 1st of July 2010, the Saxon State Minister for Environment and Agriculture, Frank Kupfer, handed over the document of accession to the "Environmental Alliance of Saxony" to the founder and CEO of Heckert Solar, Xavier Trinkerl.

In November Heckert Solar started the production of the modules HS-PXL*, an upgrade of the previous standard solar modules and mark the next step to the new module NeMo® which will be available by August 2011.

Stepping stones 2009 at Heckert Solar

In April the new corporate headquarters building with a usable area of a total of 3,600 sqm is opened.

In May Heckert Solar extends the manufacturing to 4-shift production. For the first time high-efficient solar modules are produced around-the-clock on every day of the week at Chemnitz plant facing a constantly growing order entry. The company now benefits from a nominal capacity of 90 MWp/year.

On 15th of October, 2009 Heckert Solar had been transformed into the Heckert Solar AG. All shares of the unlisted corporation belong to the family Trinkerl, so the enterprise maintains its independence. To be consistent the company founder Xaver Trinkerl had been appointed as CEO.

Stepping stones 2008 at Heckert Solar

In July the manufacturing capacity is raised with completion of the second fully automated production line in plant II on now 60 MWp/year.

In August the laying of the foundation stone occurs for the 4-storied office and logistics building close to plant II.

Milestones 2005 at Heckert Solar

In March the foundation-stone is laid for plant II in a new location in Chemnitz. After the record construction time of only five months the production with a capacity is put into operation with now 20 MWp/year. In plant I remain the whole frame manufacturing and the management offices.

Stepping stones 2003 at Heckert Solar

On the 1st of September Heckert-Solar produces in Chemnitz its first polycrystalline photovoltaic module. Already shortly after production start the maximum capacity of 6 MWp/year is reached. The immediate market success and the constantly growing request ask for an increase of manufacturing capacity and allow the planning of a new second plant site.

Stepping stones 2001 at Heckert Solar

On the 26th of November Xaver Trinkerl founded in Chemnitz, Germany, the Heckert-B.X.T. Solar GmbH. In plant I he and his team of technologists and engineers develop during the following two years a.o. one of the first fully automated stringers world-wide.